Anders W. Ø. Larsen
The way of the pendulum
22 May – 3 June 2014

Anders W.Ø. Larsen’s solo exhibition The way of the pendulum – An idiom that alternates between the abstract and purely figurative. Pictures from magazines, from the depression year 1929, images of the human body and its intellect, all assembled as a collage that is in turn painted over with quick, brutal motions in an abstract pattern so that a dramatic tension arises between foreground and background. Wearing rubber gloves and with an almost clinical approach to the sensitive images of deformed faces, skulls, severed limbs, X-rays and other anatomical drawings, the artist, without using a brush, has painted over collages of the black-and-white photographs and text cuttings.

These modifications are rooted both in the past, with the historical collages in the background, and in the present, with the abstract overpainting. Not only do the works attract the attention and curiosity of the viewer, at the same time they disturb our gaze with the energetic intuitive overpaintings. The artist follows his intuition in the articulation – it is all about expression, and about a transformation of the human mental states that almost explode in the work.

Anders W. Ø. Larsen (b. 1974) studied at the Schools of Visual Art at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and graduated in 2004. Earlier exhibitions that can be mentioned are PAINTERBRAIN! Young Danish painting, Arken – Museum of Modern Art (2006), 50 Years of Art. The Løvbjergs Almene Fond Collection, Horsens Museum of Art (2005). Anders W. Ø. Larsen is represented in among other places Skive Museum of Art’s permanent collection. The exhibition at ASBÆK Lounge is the artist’s first exhibition in the gallery.